Choosing the Perfect Web Host Company

If you want to start hosting your own website, then the first steps you should done is choosing the perfect web host that suits your need. There are several things that you should know about basic standart question in choosing web host, such as the capacity of file storage, bandwidth, their basic product offer, the company management and reputation and also last but not least the cost.

The first thing and very important thing that you should ask from the web host provider is “Do they give you everything that you need to run your web host bussiness?”. It is very important question because maybe the hosting provider did not give you enough package and in the end you will find difficulty with the data or photo that you want to store in your website and also you will have problem in case the visitors of your website is rapidly increase.

So in order to prevent this problem, you need to know; how much the storage capacity that the web host company gives you? How the bandwidth works? (Is there a limit of usage? Do you need to pay extra money in case there is a rapid increase of usage and visitors?), What kind and how many of email type that they provide? Is there any back-up program and also data protection that the company promise you in case something going wrong? And also about the program that you will put on your website, do the website is friendly and easily use?

The second thing that you should do is choosing the ‘real’ web hosting provider? Why i use the word ‘real? Because nowadays there are so many web hosting company in the world and some of them is a fake and some of them is not actually hosting their own web site, but they only reselling others company host. So it is important that you pick the right company, i suggest you choose a company that is well experience and also well known in their works. And it is better if you ask first to some experienced people before choosing your provider.

Last but not least is the cost, so the last steps that you should do is finding the best company that your money. You should know how their billing system, do they bill you monthly or according to calendar year, and also do they ask for extra cost for the service? And in case you want to add another domain name within the service, how much do they charge you for every name of domain?

From the explanation above, now you can browse via internet to search the best company provider for you. You will find many company providers, and you can do your own comparison from those companies based on the things that i’ve mentioned above, such as their storage capacity, tranferring data, their history, customer support, and the cost. And from this comparison you will find out which company provider that suits your need.

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