Essential Information on Skin Care Acne Cosmetics

Cosmetics have become a daily routine for everyone. All people, men and women, regardless of their age or of the event they are attending or of the place they need to go to, use some form of cosmetic product on a daily basis. Whether it is a perfume, lipstick, creams or lotions and so on, everyone has by now become addicted to cosmetic products.

And there are also those people who have an extremely sensitive skin, and they are prone to allergies or various skin conditions. For these people, using cosmetic products is essential, as they cannot imagine life without the products they are using regularly in order to try and diminish or get rid of whatever skin condition they might be suffering from.

However, people with sensitive skin and problems such as acne have to be very careful about what kind of products they use on their skin, because if they use cosmetics which were not specially designed for their problems, these may even get worse. Basically, people don’t really know much about the ingredients used in the cosmetic products they use on a regular basis.

Most of these cosmetics are oil based, since this gives them a texture that would ensure longer coverage and a better look. This type of cosmetic products however are not at all right for people who have acne problems, because acne already means the skin releases a lot of sebum. The skin that is prone to acne does not need more oil, it needs to reduce the quantity of oil, so that the pores would not be clogged with oil, dead skin cells or dirt anymore.

Lanolin is an oily substance commonly used in sunscreens and body lotions, and it is recommended as an ingredient that helps smoothen the skin; however, this substance is known to trigger acne, because of its greasy texture.

Researchers have come up with different types of cosmetic products for people with skin problems; there are now water based cosmetics and even alcohol based lotions, for a stringent effect. These products are also very bad for sensitive skins, because the synthetic products used to substitute the oily ingredients can damage skin cells.

Very few people know for example that the products that are being used in some of these cosmetic products are also used for removing rust from various metallic components. People with sensitive skin should use mineral oil based cosmetics.

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