I thought Acne Was a Pimple?

When we think of acne, most often we think of pimples, zits, pain, redness, inflammation, you get the basic idea. But the simple fact is that acne covers a much larger, broader basis. Acne includes several different conditions such as acne vulgaris, acne conglobata, acne fulimans, and acne rosacea. But also, even just acne vulgaris includes things like cysts, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules, you get the idea, there’s a lot more to acne than you might see at first glance.

With this in mind, basically speaking, acne is contributed to by a lot of things. There is no known cause. But basically speaking, you could say it starts out with a blackhead or whitehead, which are both basically bacteria and oils trapped in the pores, usually by dead skin cells, at least in part. This leads to white blood cells coming to attack the foreign bacteria, which leads to the inflammation that is your pimple. So yes, it’s like allergies in some ways. The actual pimple is caused more by your body than the actual bacteria and other things we would normally associate with acne or pimples for that matter.

This being said, when you are looking for an acne treatment, you should always keep in mind that you have to search for an acne treatment rather than a pimple treatment. I find that the pimple treatments are good. If you get a really good one, you can eliminate pimples within a few hours by using them as spot treatments, and pimple treatments or at least the good kind are used as spot treatments in tiny bottles that easily fit into your purse or otherwise.

But if you are looking for an acne treatment, it goes deeper than that. You actually have to find one that will target blackheads, work to prevent cysts, because cysts really are ugly things, etc. By preventing things like blackheads, you actually are fighting cystic acne anyway. However, should cysts occur, you might have to take more extreme measures, even including a shot from your dermatologist.

Essentially speaking, the difference between an acne treatment and a pimple treatment would be the mix. A pimple treatment probably wouldn’t include exfoliators for one thing. More often, pimple treatments only use one main ingredient, and sometimes they use damaging ingredients. On the other hand, real acne treatments will give you several different acne treatment ingredients and essentially cover a more comprehensive basis. They will likely use exfoliators, moisturizers, antibacterials, antiseptics, and a whole line of other ingredients.

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