Weight Loss Zone Diet Effectiveness

When it comes to diet program we can’t avoid talking about the zone diet since this become famous in the diet world after some celebrities stated they follow this diet plan. Charlie Sheen and Cindy Crawford are just example of celebrities who have tried it. The real question is, probably, does this weigh loss zone diet works, or it is just another diet program that is hot discussed but give no real result?

One thing that you must take a close attention is, almost all of the celebrities who reported following the zone diet program are not overweight. I’m not saying that they give us fake testimonials, but it is just a proof that the zone diet is not just about a simple weight loss program, it is more about healthy lifestyle.

To make it even clearer for you, let’s talk about the main idea about this diet plan. The main zone diet principle is about balancing diet where we need to keep a balancing amount of carbohydrates on around 40%, 30% of protein, and 30% of fat from our every day diet. If we pay close attention, it can be classified as a low carb diet.

There are many reports about the dangerous of low carb diets, especially those who have a very strict limitation on their plan. However, in fact, this weight loss zone diet isn’t too restrictive when compared to other low (or free) carb diet programs. For example, when compared to the zone diet, Atkins diet is more restrictive in this case.

One thing that you should know is, up until this article is written, the zone diet is still not approved by the American Heart Foundation due to a reason that it contains high protein and less other nutrients that are essential to our body. This foundation also refers to the lack of available researches and information regarding the zone diet side effects if it is followed for long term.

In fact, there are still many experts in the nutritional field that are skeptical about the effectiveness of the zone diet program and its side effects since there are still very limited researches to support the claimed results.

On the other hand, later, the developer of this diet program released a soy zone diet to substitute the meat content that made this diet plan is more suitable for vegetarians. Again, this is a proof of the lifestyle aspect of the zone diet then simply a weight loss program.

The next question is, probably, should you follow the weight loss zone diet program?

Most of us know that people who follow any diet programs will gain their weight back in the future. This is due to the fact that most diet programs cannot give you sustainable effects for longer time.

We put a strict limitation of carbohydrates intake when actually our body needs it to work properly. It will crave carbs since this is the main source of calories required. When you supply more carbohydrates your body doesn’t use all the calories intake that will result of more weight gain.

I don’t want to say that the zone diet doesn’t work, since there are many people who get a good result flowing it. However, we have to understand that we have different daily activities and maybe those people also add more essential nutrients on their diet. They probably also do regular exercises to support their diet as well.

One suggestion I want to tell you is, if you want to follow the weight loss zone diet, or any other diet programs, make sure you consult it first with a professional in this field to make sure that you will not risk your health condition by following it.

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